ENTHUSE: Jet Engine Thrust Surge System

October 2018 - Present

ENTHUSE is a jet engine thrust surge system based off of water electrolysis that provides additional highly responsive thrust to the aircraft in severe weather conditions while minimising the amount of mass added to the aircraft. Our system uses water injected into the engines during rain and uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen gas to provide extra thrust without having additional fuel to maximize safety margins for airplanes.

Product Video
Demonstration of Thrust Generation using Hydrogen Gas: Demo Video
Prototype of Water Electrolysis Tank: Demo Video

AIRONOY: Air Pollution Monitoring & Control System

November 2017 - April 2018

AIRONOY is a city wide system designed to combat air pollution and reduce global warming while remaining low profile and providing a host of other benefits. The primary functions of AIRONOY include reducing Particulate Matter Content in the air so as to reduce air pollution and reducing Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere so as to reduce global warming. The system consists of airborne helium balloons, ground based stations and a central station for monitoring of the entire system. They work in conjunction to provide a healthy environment to the people in the city.

Product Video

Fridge.AI: An IoT based Food-Waste Alerting System

June 2017 - August 2017

An IoT Enabled Smart Refrigerator & Pantry using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Smart Fridge/Pantry is a concept that uses IoT & Machine Learning to help prevent food waste, by sending alerts to a mobile app, when food in the fridge/pantry is going to spoil. It makes use of the patterns of intake and release of oxygen and carbon dioxide by fruits and vegetables to optimise the alerts.


Residential cum Employment Scheme for Slum Dwellers

April 2017 - May 2017

A research work which included devising a scheme which would provide free houses to slum dwellers along with an alternative income source, i.e. maintenance of vertical forests developed on the building where they will reside. This was optimised after conducting a survey on work patterns and timings and hence formulating the alternative employment counterpart of this scheme.


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